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Aquascaping for beginners

Scape It allows you to create beautiful aquascape layouts with ease. Thus it is the perfect tool to start with aquascaping. It is very hard to convert own ideas into a layout, especially as a beginner. Scape It offers you a guidance. So that your Aquascape will look just as you wish.

A challenge for advanced

You have already created some cool Layouts? Great! Scape It enables you to combine your aquascaping knowledge with your ideas in a powerful way. Experiment with the possibilities. Realize your ideas in a precise way and create your very own aquascaping style.

And a playground for professionals

As a professional, you are already able to create impressive layouts. In addition, you got a great knowledge about all the different species of plants, layout techniques and more. Use Scape It to test your ideas. Think in new ways, plan your layouts in the most precise way and give your layouts the final cut.

Made By

Luca Freiensehner

Hi there. As the developer of Scape It, I'm pleased by your visit. Scape It is a project, which evolves besides my architecture studies. For now, Scape It is an experiment. I don't know, whether Aquascapers - and especially you - will use this tool. I personally like this way to plan your layouts. I think that particularly aquascaping beginners will benefit from it. Getting started with aquascaping is a tough challenge. Scape It wants to provide some guidance. At the same time, it enables you to create stunning layouts. I hope you will enjoy Scape It - like I do. This project has just emerged and is at its very starting point. I have some cool ideas for the future development and I'm looking forward to realize them with you!


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